Create a new customer under one of your businesses. feedbackRequestErrorCode and feedbackRequestErrorMessage will be returned only if the sendFeedbackRequest parameter is present and set to 1.


Name Type Required Example Description
businessId integer yes 376 Business id.
clientId string(40) yes 04f78...9f9f3 Client id is a unique user identifier provided by GatherUp.
customerCustomId string no 123 Customer custom id.
customerEmail string(email) yes john.smith@app.gatherup.com Customer email address.
This field is required for basic plan accounts.
For higher plans there is email or phone number required.
customerFirstName string yes John Customer first name.
customerJobId string no 123 Customer job id.
customerLastName string yes Smith Customer last name.
customerPhone string no 5555555555 Customer mobile phone.
customerTags string no brakes,tires Customer tags separated by comma (max length of one tag = 50 chars).
delayFeedbackRequest integer no 0 0 will send feedback immediately -> if "sendFeedbackRequest" parameter is set to 1.
If you set delayFeedbackRequest to anything over 0, it will delay that many hours before the feedback request is sent.

Important the Communication Preference in the customer dashboard must be set to "Manual Mode". The "delayFeedbackRequest" parameter will be ignored if set to"Automatic Mode".
customerPreference string(sms|email) no email Customer communication preference.
preferenceChecking integer(0,1) no 1 (default) If the parameter is set to 0 then Customer Preference is set according to the data provided (`customerEmail` or `customerPhone`) regardless of the `customerPreference` field value.
sendFeedbackRequest integer(0,1) no 1 Send feedback request email to the customer right away.
hash string(64) yes bd13a40...303f3c5 Hash is a digital request signature. Learn how to generate hash here.


    "businessId": 376,
    "clientId": "04f78076fbfc66940169d2199af7c6698019f9f3",
    "customerEmail": "john.smith@app.gatherup.com",
    "customerFirstName": "John",
    "customerLastName": "Smith",
    "customerPhone": "5555555555",
    "hash": "67fbca027648a3caf08e47ca685d772aa2d92fb526b8b6e91d74286301c99988",
    "sendFeedbackRequest": 1


    "feedbackRequestErrorCode": 0,
    "feedbackRequestErrorMessage": "Success",
    "customerId": 12345,
    "errorCode": 0,
    "errorMessage": "Success"


errorCode errorMessage
-1 Unknown error
1 Invalid hash sign
2 Invalid clientId
3 Server error - please contact support
5 This user cannot manage selected business
6 Invalid businessId
7 Invalid customer first name
8 Invalid customer last name
9 Invalid customer email / Invalid customer phone number
11 Unable to send feedback request to this customer
12 Daily requests limit (100) exceeded
48 Customer with this email already exists
52 Please enter a valid email address or a valid phone number
53 Customer with this phone number already exists
54 Message not sent - SMS limit exceeded
99 Invalid customer phone number, number removed and customer added.
100 Invalid customer phone number, sms preferred customer not added.