Get Customer's Survey Answers


Name Type Required Example Description
customerId integer yes 32 Customer id.
clientId string(40) yes 04f78...9f9f3 Client id is a unique user identifier provided by GatherUp.
hash string(64) yes bd13a40...303f3c5 Hash is a digital request signature. Learn how to generate hash here.
aggregateResponse integer no 1 It will return an array with results of numbered items.


    "customerId": 32,
    "clientId": "627d5e234e1a2f503c9e12262cf313d693575895",
    "hash": "b98340caf25c00be59f5bb5405ca8f358edf22c15a4f8527785af047e541f857"


    "title1": "How would you rate waiting time?",
    "answer1": "6",
    "title2": "How would you rate services?",
    "answer2": "3",
    "errorCode": 0,
    "errorMessage": "Success"


errorCode errorMessage
-1 Unknown error
1 Invalid hash sign
2 Invalid clientId
3 Server error - please contact support
4 Customer does not exist
8 CustomerId must be specified